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Add On Consulting Services

Additional consulting services are designed for advanced business requirements wherein the business owners are looking for services and support beyond the business planning. Our services is completely customized depending on the requirements. We offer extended service to our clients through our services described below. The add-on consulting services offers a one stop solution for business owners and entrepreneurs looking at new initiatives, ventures or projects. We provide an end to end support right from feasibility analysis to planning to implementation.

Add- On Services

The Add-On Consulting Solutions offers an array of services which can help businesses and entrepreneurs across multiple phases of their business. The services offered can be customized to fit your business requirements. The add-on consulting solutions offers you several other support areas beyond business plans as described below:


Consulting & Coaching

The Add-On solutions offers business consulting sessions included in the package. Our team of experienced consultants would be available for your project to solve any queries / problems and also to guide you through various intricacies of business operations.

These consulting sessions can take place at client locations (where in travel and accommodation charges will be billed additionally) or through Video Conferencing / Web Conferencing etc. The engagement with experienced consultants dedicated to your business enhances the overall experience and also helps you to utilize highly skilled resources dedicated for your venture.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

We offer feasibility analysis for startups and new initiatives for businesses across the industry. We conduct a comprehensive market and operational analysis of the industry and the geography. Based on the information collated in the research phase our team of analysts analyzes the business feasibility through opportunity analysis. The tools used for this phase are market attractiveness, SWOT analysis and risks and mitigation analysis.

The complete feasibility study is then prepared in form of a report by our team of consultants. The feasibility study enables the business owners with the information required to enter a market and also equip them with the indicators which helps them to take strategic decisions.

Market Survey

Market Survey

The market survey is a combination of secondary research through information available through public domain and also primary research which involves questionnaire, survey, poll, telephonic interviews, mystery shopping and various other tools.

The market survey gives an in-depth understanding of the business which is crucial before launch. It looks into the industry from a consumer, regulatory, operational and competitive angle. The survey is carried out through online, telephonic or field study mode.

Funding Assistance

Funding Assistance

We also help businesses to seek funding for their ventures and projects. We work as representatives from our clients end to negotiate with investors to ensure seamless funding process. Our fund seeking process enables business owners to raise funds from banks and private investment sources including Venture Capitals, Private Equity and Angel Investors.

Through our network of HNI’s, private investors and banks, engage with initiation of discussion for any fund raising activity. We also help our clients through business negotiations and legal documentations. Our fund seeking process is extremely transparent.

Onsite Consulting

On Site Delivery

Through our onsite delivery model we effectively utilize the combination of offshore knowledge based analysis and onshore consulting from our clients location. This enables the client to have consultants available for face to face discussions. We ensure the optimal utilization of the project cost by segregating the activities to be delivered from offshore and onshore. This offers the clients with a very high value for money.

The onsite consulting support involves travel and accommodation for consultants and also an additional day rates chargeable as per requirements. Our team is available to be at any location around the world to cater to your requirements.

Implemenation Support

Implementation Support

We help businesses to setup their ventures or projects on a turn key or consulting basis. We provide detailed operation planning, project planning and program management services.

Operation Planning involves preparation of the operational work plan which includes identifying activities and resources required to setup and operate the business. The operational plan looks into marketing, human resource, management structure and operations which are key to the business.

We also offer complete turn key project management to setup the business. We will help your team with project management activities to find third party vendors and suppliers to set up your business. The project management activities would involve communication management, project monitoring, vendor selection and program management.

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