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Market Research


BPlan Experts has a comprehensive research framework specialized for startups. Our research methodology includes collection, measurement and analysis of various business trends relevant to the venture or project. Our business research team is equipped with all the cutting edge tools and technologies to gather relevant data, analyze them and derive actionable information useful to your business.

We work with various clients across diverse business verticals, such as Financial Services, Telecom, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Energy, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Media, Automotive, Retail and Logistics. We provide business research solutions to clients across geographies. Our research center in based out of India and we have various liaisons across the globe who help us in understanding the local scenario.

Our research services are segregated across various categories which include Environment Analysis, Economic Research, Industry Research, Company Research, Market Research, Financial Research etc. We believe in end-to-end delivery in accordance to our clients’ goal. We not only strategize but also help in optimizing the process and implementing global best practices. Our complimentary business units enable us to be a one stop solution to all the challenges that our clients face.

Market Research Framework

Market Research Framework @ BPlanExperts


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