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Off shoring or Apt shoring – BPlanExperts bridges the great divide for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Over the past couple of years BPlanExperts has been working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to define and execute state of the art business plans. As one of the global leaders in business plan consulting, BPlanExperts has successfully delivered over 300 projects across 50 countries.  By using its robust and cutting edge methodology, BPlanExperts has bridged the divide between off shore transactional activities and onsite consulting support for startup organizations and small businesses. From web enabled technology businesses to bio pharma manufacturing, the team at BPlanExperts has worked with entrepreneurs from across a wide range of domains and industries.

Traditionally, offshore business models have been a function of transactional economics with a reward mechanism linked to achieving a series of activities.  As a result, the relationship between the demand and supply side has failed to evolve from being transactional to strategic in nature. The opportunity to create tangible business value has often been lost, as the outsourced deliver organization has limited or no access to decision makers and is generally accepted as a part of the solution, rather than being a partner for growth.

This is where the BPlanExperts business model differs.  While working against well defined business outcomes is fundamental, early interaction with the clients management team, milestone based feedback and consistent client engagement at every stage of the consulting and business planning activity has allowed BPlanExperts to evolve into becoming a trusted partner for a number of its clients. This has resulted in a “win-win” situation, as clients leverage the benefits of low costs driven by the off shoring model with the option to discuss and define strategic objectives, that has traditionally been part of the onshore consulting domain, for BPlanExperts the opportunity to build long term relationships and experience the dynamism of multiple domains is priceless.

Given the wide range of requirements and differing scale of activities conducted, BPlanExperts has structured its offerings to meet the expectations of all businesses. Be it for a small business loan, debt financing, VC funding or PE investment, the BPlanExperts portfolio caters to every requirement. In addition, BPlanExperts has a special business plan which is an amalgamation of offshore delivery and onshore face to face consulting. For entrepreneurs who need support while implementing  their business plans or improving the business functions, but do not have the required skills internally, BPlanExperts consultants work in tandem and through a series of transformation programs successfully operate or transform an organizations business and technology strategy.

The BPlanExperts team consists of business and technology experts with extensive cross domain knowledge. The members of the team have worked with some of the largest consulting, financial services and technology organizations inIndiaand globally.

For further details about BPlanExperts and its service offerings please visit www.bplanexperts.com

BPlanExperts is a venture by Array Consultancy Services (www.arrayconsultancy.com)

About BPlan Experts
BPlan Experts

BPlan Experts provides state of the art business plans to entrepreneurs and businesses across the world. Our comprehensive framework provides a highly effective platform for new age businesses. Our methodology is based on global best practice standards that are followed across the world.

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