Business Plan Agreement and Terms of Service

BPlan’s  standard policies and terms for products and services

This segment defines the policies and terms of services, for using These terms and policies are an integral part of the engagement process, mandatory for signing up with BPlan and buying its products and services. Kindly read these terms and conditions thoroughly. No refunds will be made if customers fail to read the terms and conditions mentioned in this section and request a refund midway through a project. It is expected that customers will have agreed to the complete set of terms and conditions as laid out in this section. Feel free to contact us, in case of confusion/questions. The right to change these policies and terms is solely reserved with BPlan We carry a huge community of customers. Our first concern has always been and will be to provide the best possible service to them. The guidelines, terms, and conditions have been laid out to ensure that our customers are aware of what to expect when working with BPlan

About BPlan

BPlan is a subsidiary of Array Innovative Services Pvt Ltd, a company registered in India. Array Innovative Services is a holding company that promotes, invests, and implements ventures offering innovative products and services. The Array brand was launched in the year 2004 with its first venture as Array Media Graphics & Systems followed by Array Consultancy Services in the year 2008. The companies were consolidated into a private limited company in September 2014 under Array Innovative Services Pvt Ltd. Some of the ventures under Array Innovative Services are BPlanExperts, PresentationGFX, Crazy About Startups, Vezume,, Alumnyx, iLogyx, Market ResearchR, etc.

Change in Packages and Pricing Slots

BPlan carries the sole right to change the structure of package/plans and prices, at any point in time. The information regarding prices and services available on our website may change at any point in time, without prior intimation. Changes in prices for products and services will be at the sole decision of BPlan However, change in prices would be effective for new deals only. Orders placed at rates prior to a change in price will be honored at the agreed rates.

Payment Terms and Conditions

  • The payment terms and price once agreed cannot be changed
  • BPlan has the sole right to change, amend or alter the payment terms and conditions once agreed by a customer
  • Payments will have to be made as per agreed norms which will be laid out before work commences
  • In the event of non-payment for a particular milestone, no work will be undertaken for the next milestone
  • Any delays due to non-payment will have to be borne by the customer
  • BPlan will send at least two reminders for payments
  • In case no payment is made for a particular milestone within 15 days of the first reminder the customer will forfeit any money paid for previous milestones and the project will be kept in suspension. Restarting of the project will be the sole discretion of BPlan
  • The delivered plan would have similar sections as sample plans. Professional design of document as illustrated in sample plans is not included in the plan and would cost extra depending on the extent of design

 Updates on Contact Details

  • BPlan will use the contact details that are available in their database.
  • Keep BPlan updated of any changes in contact details
  • BPlan Experts will take no responsibility for non-delivery of business or any other action that may result as a consequence of failure on the part of the customer to update their contact details

Spam Policy

  • does not allow the use of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM, on our network. None of our customers or associates is permitted to use the network for managing Unsolicited Commercial Email
  • may initiate an instantaneous investigation upon the notification of such violation with its spam and UCE policy and legal action may be initiated if the violation is proven
  • does not allow mass mailing from its networks.
  • The mode to use services is the sole decision of the company. All customers and associates need to follow the same.
  • This is in accordance with our privacy policy.

Data Protection 

BPlan has a fully functional and clearly defined data protection policy.

  • All employees and associates at BPlan sign up to the corporate data protection policy of the company
  • Training is provided to ensure that all information is collected and used in a manner that is fully compliant with data protection regulations
  • Checks and measures are in place to ensure that no breach occurs and customer data is safe and secure
  • This is in accordance with our privacy policy.

Intellectual Property

  • BPlan uses models and tools that have been created in-house. All IP created in the form of diagrams, data, text, hard copies, printed material, online web-based material, or soft copies, remain the sole property of BPlan
  • Copying or using any information that is part of BPlan’s IP without its explicit permission, will result in a violation and if proven may attract a fine, legal action, or any other action that may be deemed as fit for purpose
  • Any IP generated prior to engaging on a particular project will remain the property of BPlan IP generated by the customer and used on a particular project will be returned to the customer and BPlan will have no jurisdiction over its use.
  • All logos, trademarks, patents, etc used by BPlan either through the print or on-line medium and used on this website remain the sole property of the company. Any infringement or illegal copying by 3rd parties may result in legal action being taken against them
  • This is in accordance with our confidentiality policy.

Loss of Back up and Data

  • BPlan will not be accountable for any data and/or files on customers’ accounts. Customers will be responsible for Data transfer, files, and maintenance of proper backup of data
  • BPlan will not be responsible in any case of loss of data, crashes, and system failure/downtime.

 Privacy Policy

  • All information provided by customers will be used in accordance with BPlan’s local laws.
  • The information/data provided by customers shall not be shared with any external organization or for any other commercial usage
  • In order to facilitate the utilization of the services and maintain the continuity of a visit & help navigation on the site, temporary cookies are used
  • Updating/modification/deletion of data/information will be done on a customer’s written request only.
  • Please refer to our detailed Privacy Policy for a comprehensive coverage of our policies.

Payment and Refund Issue

  • All the payments will be accepted through the payment gateways as mentioned on the BPlan web site
  • Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled under normal circumstances as it is sent for processing immediately. Personal preferences changes, changes in business objectives, or unwillingness for any reason to continue over the course of time, cannot serve a reason for refund or chargeback.
  • However, refunds will be made in extreme cases when the customers can provide an acceptable reason for dissatisfaction around the quality of deliverables or BPlan fails to deliver according to agreed benchmarks. In such a scenario, a refund will be made for the particular milestone where it has been proven that quality does not match agreed standards.
  • All refunds will be made through electronic transfer within 72 hours of both BPlan and the customer agreeing that no further progress can be made on a particular project.
  • Complaints should be sent to the customer grievance cell at The team will get back with options on ways to resolve any outstanding issues. The team will also be responsible for refunds and amendments to agreed terms and conditions.

  • Delays in payments or feedback may result in the cancellation of projects. In case of cancellation, no refunds would be issued. Renewal of cancelled projects may incur additional charges.


All legal disputes related to BPlan and its parent or holding companies will be dealt with in the territory of Kolkata (India). All legal issues are subject to laws in force in Kolkata (India) only.
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