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Idea to Implementation Bundle

The Idea to Implementation package is the most comprehensive bundle for a startup which offers an end-to-end service including ideation workshop, feasibility, business planning, website development, brand design, and digital marketing. This package helps an entrepreneur through the entire process of setting up their venture starting from ideation and inception. We will help you through the ideation process followed by the feasibility analysis of your idea. We will also create a robust business plan which would act as a roadmap for your project. We will help you with the website design and development along with brand designs and digital marketing.

Components of the Idea to Implementation Bundle


Every business opportunity starts with an idea. This is an intuitive process and for an entrepreneur, potentially the “eureka” moment of their professional lives. However, at BPlan Experts we support entrepreneurs to step back a bit and take a rational view of their idea from a business perspective. In doing so, we offer the following pointers which can help validate a great idea.


We provide an end-to-end solution to startups and entrepreneurs, which includes a comprehensive feasibility study of any project or venture. The team at BPlan Experts has extensive experience across multiple domains and geographies, which enables us to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.


A comprehensive business plan customized for your business requirements will be created by our consultants. This would be the starting point for your business. A business plan can help you with a complete project roadmap for your business. It also works as a communication tool for your investors and other stakeholders.


Logo Design

The Idea to Implementation Bundle also offers a customized logo design service. Our dedicated design partner PresentationGFX, one of the world’s leading design studio will create a brand logo for your company customized for your business. The design team will understand your business and create 5 logo options for you to choose from.


Corporate Identity Kit

The corporate or branding identity kit is the essential design and branding requirements that every company needs. A typical branding identity kit includes the business card layout, letterhead design, business envelopes, and email signature design.


Website Design & Development

We offer a customized website design and development for your startup based on your requirements. Our websites are high end, responsive, attractive and intuitively design for maximum brand appeal and easy lead conversion.


Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing initiatives include social media marketing, search engine optimization & marketing, online advertisement, website & eCommerce analytics, content marketing, video promotions, email marketing, etc.

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