This document describes BPlan Experts i.e. Array Innovative Services Private Limited– the holding company of BPlan Experts’s ( Confidentiality Policy, in protecting and safeguarding client information.

By ordering and engaging in hiring BPlan Experts we automatically get into the standard Non Disclosure agreement and confidentiality policy. This Confidentiality Policy is applicable only if a business activity/s is/are assigned and paid for by a client to BPlan Experts or Array Innovative Services Private Limited– the holding company of BPlan Experts ( Business activity/s can be assigned online through the website, other allied websites, through email, via a printed document or on-call or in any other form and channel possible.

Our Confidentiality Policy is valid from the Effective Date, i.e the date from when the first payment is made by you.

By placing an order and initiating payments, it is accepted that you have agreed to our Confidentiality Policy.

 Our Confidentiality Policy should be read as part of the standard terms and conditions.

    1. We understand that the intellectual property and data will be shared with us, for the purposes of writing a business plan, feasibility analysis, marketing plan, financial forecasts, creating an investor deck, digital activities or similar functions, as agreed upon, while maintaining confidentiality.
    2. We agree that dissemination of information or materials within or related to the work being undertaken, without reason, would be detrimental to your business integrity.
    3. Confidentiality Information may be shared with us in, written, oral, electronic or any other form of recording.
    4. We do not use or disclose Confidential Information for personal benefit or the benefit of any other person, corporation, association, company or entity.
    5. We may, however, use your company logo and case study (without divulging confidential information) as part of our clientele for marketing purposes only.
    6. We take all steps necessary to protect Confidential Information from disclosure. We do not disclose the fact that Confidential Information has been made available, that discussions or negotiations are taking place or have taken place, or any of the terms, conditions or other facts with respect to the transaction. Methods of the disclosure include, but are not limited to, written, oral, electronic or any other form of recording.
    7. We shall only disclose the Confidential Information to persons and associates on a need-to-know basis.
    8. We shall use Confidential Information given to us on an as-is basis and will not be responsible for the accuracy or legal implications of using it.
    9. Information is not considered confidential and/or ceases to be confidential, if (i) it was publicly known; (ii) it was in our possession before the effective date; (iii) it was used in response to any legal obligation; (iv) it was approved for release in writing by you; (v) was developed by us and is part of our intellectual property; or (vi) available in the public domain; or (vii) disclosed to us by a  third party without your involvement.
    10. We will disclose Confidential Information if compelled to do so by legal request, deposition, subpoena, civil investigative demand or similar process.
    11. The framework, methodology, process, ideation structure, etc used on assignments shall remain our rights and intellectual property.
    12. Our Completion Policy shall survive and continue for 2 years post completion of the work assigned.

Should you need a separate Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed please download the Standard NDA by clicking on the button below and send us a signed copy. We will send you a signed copy once the engagement process incomplete and initial payment is received.

Note: Any notice required by or given in connection with our Confidentiality Policy, shall be in writing and be given via email to the following address:

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