Business Plan Review

Business Plan Review

BPlan Experts provides a dedicated business plan review and enhancement services for entrepreneurs who have already written a business plan or have an old business plan of their venture. Our team of consultants scrutinizes the existing business plan thoroughly to understand the business idea. We also engage with our clients to understand the purpose of the business plan, based on which we carry forward our activity to ensure the business plan is drafted specifically to fit the purpose.

Our business plan review and enhancement process are phased into multiple milestones:

Business Plan Review Process

Business Plan Review

Our team does a comprehensive review to understand the vision of the entrepreneur, the nature of the idea, and the effectiveness of the business plan.

Gap Analysis

Based on the review observations our team analyzes gaps in the existing business plan in terms of structure, requirements as per the purpose of the plan, the flow of information, and clarity of the content. We also analyze changes in the research if required in terms of details, relevance, and freshness of the data. We measure the efficacy of the financial projections and note any gaps if discovered.

Business Plan Modification

The business plan modification steps are completely customized as per the findings in the gap analysis. We add, modify, and re-do sections of the business plan as per requirement. We also conduct completely fresh research to substantiate the business case if needed. The financial sections are modified or redone as per need to be in accord with the strategy and research.

Proof Reading

The modified business plan is reviewed by our consultants for business effectiveness and through our content team for any errors that might exist.

Format & Design

The completed business plan is formatted properly and designed if chosen by the client to give an attractive outlook.

Business Plan Review Process & Pricing

The following illustrates the outline of our business plan review services. It showcases the different modules covered in the review process which will help you to identify the gaps in your business plan and how to rectify them.

  • 1

    Booking the Business Plan Review Services

    To initiate a business plan review you would need to book your business plan review services by clicking on the order now button. Please ensure that you have the business plan in place before booking the review.

  • 2

    Business Plan Submission

    After the booking, we will send you an email to initiate the process. To initiate a business plan review you would need to send us your business plan through email which you have prepared and book our business plan review services. Ensure that you submit the completed business plan for review. Review on incomplete business plans will be done on the completed sections only.

  • 3

    Initial Discussion and Payments

    Our consultant will schedule a call to discuss your requirements and walk you through the process. After the discussion, the team will send you an invoice for the review services. The process of review will start once the payment is completed.

  • 4


    Our consultants will review your business plan based on your requirements and purpose and mark the areas which need improvements, suggest changes and modifications, and also give you a roadmap on how to improve your business plan.

  • 5

    Modifications (Optional Add On)

    Based on the feedback you may choose to hire our team to do the modifications. Depending on the efforts required the team will send you the quotation for the work and proceed based on agreement and payment.

Review Pricing

USD 250


INR 20,000

Review Details

Duration: 1 week
Scope: Only Review
Modifications: Optional
Charges: Modifications with additional charges

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